Check out the information about causes of yellow teeth. Get to know simple and advanced methods to treat yellowing of teeth.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

Causes of Yellow Teeth
yellow_teeth_causesPeople with yellow teeth is not only embarrassed of them but also have a low self-esteem. Happily there are lots of methods that can help to get rid of the yellowish tint of your teeth. But first you would need to get to know the real cause of yellow color appearance.

Yellow Teeth Causes
1. Natural
In actual fact, some people have yellow teeth from the nature. How it occurs? - The dentin, the layer under the outer enamel, has yellow color. The whiteness of the teeth depends upon the enamel. Some people have the enamel that is not well mineralized and as result of it's translucent making the dentin is visible.

2. Aging
Yellow tint of teeth comes with aging and this is natural aspect of aging process. You have to accept this fact. Yellowing occurs mostly because of two reasons. First one, no matter how careful a person is, with age staining agents seep into the teeth giving a yellowish tint. Second reason is that the enamel starts wearing down as a person ages and this makes the dentin, which is naturally yellow, visible.

3. Oral hygiene
Poor oral hygiene is one of the main causes of yellow teeth color. It's true that yellow teeth can have various causes, but poor oral hygiene ALWAYS lead to yellow teeth (together with a lot of other dental problems).

4. Food habits
The chromogenic (color imparting) food and beverages we consume can be held responsible for a vast majority of tooth discolorations. Eating and drinking foods like tea, coffee, soda and berries have color imparting properties. These foods have colorants that seep into the teeth. Additionally, smoking and chewing tobacco causes stained teeth as well due to nicotine deposits on teeth.

Yellow Teeth Treatment

Fortunately, there are lots of simple and advanced methods to treat yellowing of teeth.
Simple methods:
- Brush and use dental floss two times per day
- Without fail brush your teeth after drinking coffee, tea or soda
- Chew sugarless whitening chewing gum
- Use whitening toothpaste
- Use whitening bleach

Advanced methods:
- Approach your dentist to use one of the professional tooth whitening methods that all dentists use
- Use dental veneers