Know more about peroxide-based teeth whitening, professional and at-home teeth whitening treatments comparison, their pros and cons.

Professional Versus At-home Treatment

Professional Versus At-home Treatment

Professional (Laser) Teeth Whitening:
Whitening teeth with peroxide bleaching compounds has become an extremely popular procedure, both with dental patients and dentists alike. While there are many variations on this whitening technique two of the broadest categories it encompasses are professional teeth whitening treatments (performed by a dentist in their office) and at-home teeth whitening (where the bleaching treatments are performed unsupervised by the person on their own).

The paramount question people have is: Which is best, having professional teeth whitening treatments performed by your dentist or using an at-home whitener? While the information found on our pages can help you to come to an answer we'd first like to say that using the word "best" really is not the best way to phrase this question. Here's why...

Peroxide-based tooth whitening is generally considered to be a function of two factors:

    * The concentration of peroxide in the whitener.
    * The amount of time this whitener is in contact with the surface of the user's teeth.

For teeth to whiten they need to be exposed to an appropriate teeth whitener (in an appropriate manner) for an appropriate amount of time.

This information involves that with the aim of getting the same degree of lightening a teeth whitening system can either employ a low concentration whitener for an extensive period of time (the method utilized by at-home teeth whitening products) or else a higher concentration whitener for a relatively shorter period of time (the method used by professional teeth whitening treatments performed by dentists).

And while our pages have more to say about each of these approaches, the chief problem of the matter is that both at-home whitening (especially tray-based) and professional teeth bleaching systems can generally produce the same whitening ending. Neither method is necessarily "best."

Which is Best, Using an At-home Teeth Whitening Product or Having Professional Treatments Performed by Your Dentist?

Let's return to our former question again: Which is best at-home or professional teeth whitening treatments? As you can notice we have still used the word "best" even though we already know that both whitening approaches can naturally be used to create analogous results. On this occasion, yet, let's look at answering this question in terms of which method is best in the common sense that it best fits in with your way of life.

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