Discover the division of tooth whitening system, modification of the tooth whitening procedure, continuance and regularity.

Procedure Modification

Procedure Modification

Naturally everyone wants to have a bright white smile. If you want to give better look to your teeth, you can bravely turn to the multitude stock of products and procedures available to satisfy your needing. 

procedure_modificationTeeth predispose to darken in the fullness of time for different reasons: coffee, tea or tobacco consuming, antibiotic use, extreme fluoride or just age. Most of people are contented with the look of their teeth; they brush them two times a day with toothpaste that includes a fluoride, clean between the teeth once a day and passed systematical cleanings by a dentist.
Teeth whitening systems can be divided into:
a) whitening toothpastes;
b) over the counteract gels;
c) strips and trays;
d) whitening instruments received from a dentist.

If you made a decision to change your smile and to make it brighter, you should found out all of the possible modification of this procedure:
1) Whitening in-office;
2) Whitening at-home;
3) Whitening toothpastes;

In-office bleaching or chairside whitening requires two or more visits to your dentist. Initially doctor will put a whitening essence to your teeth, and then he can use additional light or high temperature to speed up the work of the agent. Your gums will be protected from the whitening by a gel or a rubber coat. Every visit can last from 30 minutes to an hour.

Whitening at home implies that you should buy from your dentist or pharmacist bleaching solution based on peroxide this will help to white the tooth enamel. You must put the gel into the mouthguard and use as directed. 

The continuance and regularity of the treatment can be different:
a) Solutions that necessitate overnight use for a shorter period of time;
b) Solutions that demand two times a day treatment for a long period of time.
Your dentist will proscribe you the length and strength of treatment that will be suitable for you.

Whitening toothpastes
are differ from bleaching, they do not permanently change the color of the teeth, but just include polishing agents that get rid of deeper stains of the teeth.