Here you will find information about natural color and shadows of teeth. Search for causes that don't allow our teeth be perfectly white.

Natural Teeth Color

Natural Teeth Color
natural_teeth_colorContrary to many advertisements, it is difficult to obtain perfectly white teeth. Natural, healthy teeth have extremely subtle yellow, brown or grey tones. Shine a flashlight behind your front teeth and look in the mirror to see for yourself. Pure white teeth are like purple hair – they appear synthetic and distracting! However, light tooth shades are extremely attractive. What marketers refer to as “teeth whitening” should more accurately be called “teeth lightening.”

In actual fact tooth shade differs between people and even between teeth from the same person. As a rule, permanent teeth are darker than primary teeth, and they have a yellow or grey tint to them. This coloration depends upon the natural shade of the outer layer of tooth structure (enamel) and the tooth layer under the enamel (dentin). It also depends upon the thickness and translucency of the enamel. Dentin can be very yellow. If the enamel layer is thin or very translucent, the yellow dentin will show through the enamel. That's why some teeth respond better to bleaching treatments than others.

Today it seems that more and more people are decided to bleach their teeth beyond recognition as if it is considered as a healthy appearance. As you know drinking coffee or tea will conduce to staining your teeth yellow. But you most likely don't know that the aging process actually changes the color of your teeth.

Let's take for example an old piano. All piano keys used to be made of ivory – the tusk bone of an elephant. At the beginning these keys were gleaming white, and they've become yellowed and cracked, some of keys may even have warped out of shape. This is actually what is naturally happen to your teeth. The matter is that the tissues that form your bones and teeth will change in the course of time and as you grow old will become more yellow. Such color change can be confusing, and often foods and drinks are blamed instead of pure genetics.

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