Here you will read about at-home whitening system, its advantages and disadvantages, dentist-supervised home bleaching is also metioned.

At Home Tooth Whitening

At Home Tooth Whitening

home_tooth_whiteningWith at home teeth whitening kits a mouthpiece is filled with a bleaching solution and worn during the night. The mouthpieces can either be fitted to your teeth or come in a common size. Both methods work successfully, but fitted mouthpieces produce better results on the whole, though they cost more.

Some at home teeth whitening systems work better than others. While choosing an at home teeth whitening system pay attention to the concentration of Carbamide Peroxide. The most effective at home teeth whitening systems use a mixture between 10 and 22%. For most advantageous comfort and effectiveness, try to find a formula at either 15% or 16%.

It's important to keep in mind, some tooth discolorations will be more resistant to at home bleaching than others. At home teeth bleaching processes will not make a color alteration in dental work you have already done. This involves such restorations as: white fillings, bonding, crowns and bridges. Usually, a person's teeth should be whitened first and then afterwards their dental work substituted so to match the new shade of their teeth.

Advantages: most home whitening kits are effectual and have the potential to whiten your teeth up to 10 shades depending on what trademark you buy. These kits also cost fewer, typically from $100 till $200 for a good whitening kit.

Disadvantages: a good number of people discover wearing the mouthpieces overnight inconvenient. There are alternatives: some at home whitening kits oblige you to wear the mouthpieces for shorter periods of time (usually 30 minutes or less).

Professionally Supervised Home Teeth Bleaching

This most popular technique permits to make your smile whiter through dentist-supervised home treatments. The cosmetic dental offices will custom make a splint for you to fit exactly over your teeth. You apply a gel in this splint and wear it for certain arranged periods during the day or during the night. Do this for two to four weeks or more, and your smile will be brighter! The qualified cosmetic dentist will supervise your progress with short follow-up arrangements.

A lot of cosmetic dentists advise the Nite White and Day White gels, but there are other trademarks of bleaching gel that are also very helpful.

Some people seek over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Though, they work badly and in some cases can damage the teeth. There is one product of whitening toothpaste that does a first-rate job of removing stains from the surface of the teeth, but toothpastes won't whiten the structure of the tooth.