Search for foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. Get to know how you can solve the stained teeth problem.

Food That Stain Your Teeth

Food That Stain Your Teeth
Lots of people notice that something is wrong with their smile. The matter is that your pearly whites just aren’t white enough – they are stained. 

Stained teeth are one the most common dental complaints heard by dentists all over the world today. You have to know what can cause your once pearly white teeth to become stained and discolored. There are numerous factors that can lead to this dental problem – some may be external while others are internal in nature.

External factors include food and non-food items that we usually eat, drink or put in our mouths. They are:
  Tobacco. It is considered as the main cause of stained teeth. It doesn’t matter whether smoked or chewed, tobacco is bad for your dental health.
  Some fruits (particularly blueberries) and fruit juices (especially grape)
  Red wine 
  Soy sauce
  Silver colored fillings that have leached out and discolored the surrounding tooth
  However, internal factors are those factors that we can do nothing about. Aging is considered one of these factors. With age, the enamel of your teeth starts to thin down and allows the underlying layer of yellowish dentin tissues to disclose. This is the explanation of why your teeth take on a yellowish stain as you grow older.
  One more reason for this widespread dental complaint can be intrinsic (occurs in the inside of the teeth) in nature. These are most commonly observed in children taking the antibiotic tetracycline or in the offspring of mothers who have taken the drug during pregnancy.

Solving the Stained Teeth Problem
First, you should find out the strict cause of your dental problem and be sensible of the results you want to obtain. Teeth are not naturally pure white so do not aim to have one.

The stain caused by some foods and drinks can be removed with the help of your dentist. It might be possible that a good dental cleaning is all you need to take the stains away. Nevertheless, intrinsic stains can only be removed by resorting to cosmetic dental procedures like composite resin bonding and porcelain laminate veneers.