Do you dream about whiter teeth? Maybe you have them already and want to make sure that they stay that way. Whatever the reason, here are 10 important facts about teeth whitening that you should know.

10 Facts About Teeth Whitening

10 Facts About Teeth Whitening

teeth_whitening1. There is a teeth whitening method out there that will work for you.
You have stained or discolored teeth? There is some good news - no matter your budget or your busy work schedule, you able to find a teeth whitening option that is a fit for you. You can choose from affordable, convenient, whitening strips to expensive dental whitening treatments.  After some researches you should be able to choose a method that fits your budget and lifestyle. Don’t be in a hurry, take the time. 

2. Teeth whitening is worth the trouble.
When you are sure that you have nice white teeth you are more confident and self-assured. Besides, whiter teeth make you look younger and minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles.

3. It is safe.
The most common method of teeth-whitening is peroxide-based method. It can’t damage your teeth. Sometimes people may experience temporary side effects like sensitive teeth or gum irritation. But more often, gum irritation isn’t even related to the whitening formula, but instead is caused by a tray that doesn’t fit the mouth properly. What’s the bottom line? Teeth whitening is perfectly safe.

4. You are able to minimize the side effects.
As said above, some people experience light side effects from the tooth whitening procedure. If you experience tooth sensitivity, simply make a break for a few days then start the treatments up again. If sensitivity lasts, switch to a toothpaste that is made for sensitive teeth. These toothpastes are full with ingredients that can help to soothe the nerve endings of your teeth. If the treatment involves a tray, wear it for shorter periods of time. It may take longer this way but you will end up with the same results.

5. You can achieve dental quality results at home.
At-home kits usually take several weeks to get the results of one or two dental visits. The up-side for the kits is that they are much cheaper than professional whitening done by the dentist.

6. Whitening doesn’t last forever.
As a rule, a teeth whitening lasts for 6 months to a year. Of course this depends on the individual and the method of whitening that was used. For example, an expensive dental office whitening will last longer than a cheaper method such as whitening strips. Many people feel that whitening kits with a custom mouth tray are the most cost effective way to keep teeth white because once you have the tray made you can simply buy more gel at any time.

7. Whitening toothpastes have a deceitful name.
”Whitening” toothpastes very often do not contain peroxide which is the active ingredient for effective teeth whitening. Instead, they use mild abrasives and polishing ingredients to clean your teeth and help expel surface stains. Extra clean teeth can appear brighter, but whitening toothpastes will rarely whiten your teeth by more than a shade.

8. Watch out for the foods that stain.
Heavily pigmented foods like soy sauce, most varieties of berries, and cherries stain teeth. Such beverages like coffee, colas, teas and cranberry juice can also cause staining.

You can prevent the process of straining by brushing your teeth as soon as possible after eating staining foods. Remember about using a straw for drinks that stain. The straw will keep the staining liquid from getting on the front teeth.

9. Brushing your teeth hard and often will not make your teeth whiter.
In actual fact the opposite is true. Brushing too hard or using a hard bristled toothbrush can brush away the enamel of your teeth over time. The thinner your enamel gets, the more the second layer of the tooth shows through. It is a pity, but the second layer, called the dentin layer, is a yellow or brownish color. Yellow showing through on your teeth is certainly not the desired result. That’s why, if you want to keep your enamel, brush gently and with a soft bristled brush.

10. Watch out for dangerous “natural tooth whiteners”.
Some people say that brushing your teeth with lemon juice or rubbing lemon peel across your front teeth is a great method to whiten your teeth. It may whiten your teeth, but it is also eats away the calcium in your teeth which weakens the teeth and makes them much more prone to decay. Keep an eye out for these home remedies, most of them will do more harm than good.