Wisdom teeth extraction is a grave procedure which requires proper recovery period. Here you will find the most important things to bear in mind as you go into the recovery process after your surgery.

Post Surgery Care

Post Surgery Care
post_surgery_careIf you are going to have surgery for wisdom teeth extraction, there are a few important things you have to know about post-operative care in order to make your wisdom teeth removal as safe as possible. 
 Rest: the significance of rest and relaxation cannot be overemphasize. Through even the most minor of surgeries, the body is exposed trauma that only rest can assist it recovers from. Therefore you shouldn’t go back to school or work the very next day. Instead of this, take a few days to a week to come back to your normal routine.
 Proper pain medicine: after your surgery to extract wisdom teeth, you will be given one or more types of pain medicine. The most vital thing to keep in mind is to take the pills precisely as you are told by your physician, and ensure to take it before your pain becomes bad, because it will take a while for it to become helpful.
 Eat cautiously: lots of people who have had surgery to extract wisdom teeth try to eat solid food almost immediately after their wisdom teeth removal. In actual fact, this can be hazardous, because solid food can knock out the defensive blood clots that have built over your wounds, probably causing a nasty infection. So make sure to consume drinks and semi-solid, soft food for several days to a week after your surgery. 
 Ice and Anti-inflammatories: expectedly you will experience some inflammation of the tissues in your mouth after your surgery. It is essential to ice the jaw area, and to take an anti-inflammatory, like ibuprofen, regularly or as directed by your doctor. Ice and anti-inflammatories will also assist relieve pain.
 Be careful what you put in your mouth: a great number of people don’t know that after their wisdom teeth extraction , they will have to keep away from two major culprits of infection and poor healing: drinking straws and cigarettes. Both of these things require pulling air to some extent forcefully into the mouth, and consequently are quite likely to pull out one of those important blood clots. Therefore you should take a break from smoking and any other habit that involves putting things in your mouth.