Study information about impacted wisdom teeth extraction and antibiotics taking. Antibiotics is one of the most important issue of the wisdom teeth extraction subject.


antibioticsOne of the most important questions that patients should be interested in when getting their wisdom teeth out is he/she should be taking antibiotics. Although, before addressing the subject of antibiotics one should question as to why they are having their wisdom teeth removed. It has been found no trustworthy proof to support the removal of healthy impacted wisdom teeth, and in fact, has been recommended that this practice is stopped because of the risk of nerve damage and permanent complications.

If you have to undergo the procedure of wisdom teeth extraction because of the continuous problems with them then you will be faced with the question of taking antibiotics. The simple answer to this question exists, and it is “no”. The matter is you should not take antibiotics unless you have a prior infection. If this is so you should begin to take them before undergoing the extraction.

You may be surprising about why you should not take antibiotics if you do not have a current infection as there is a likelihood of infection with having the procedure performed. In actual fact patients who have their wisdom teeth removed and don't take antibiotics before surgery are twice as likely to get an infection after the surgery as those who took one dose of antibiotics before the procedure.

So it is obvious that there is a profit of taking antibiotics previous to the procedure, but the reason only patients who are at greater risk of infection like heart problems or a preexisting infection should take antibiotics before the surgery is owing to antibiotic resistance.

Antibiotic resistance happens when bacteria modify in a way that decreases their efficiency. These resistant bacteria stay alive and reproduce - causing more damage and a need for more expensive and toxic antibiotics. Resistant bacteria may even lead to death and is feared by E.R. physicians. Unhappily few pharmaceutical companies are now involved in antibiotic development, and if current antibiotics no longer work this will pose serious health problems.