Don't be lost among the variety of toothbrushes. Here you'll find some advice how to choose an appropriate toothbrush and short descriptions of toothbrushes types.

Types of Toothbrushes

Types of Toothbrushes

It is not a secret that appropriate teeth care plays one of the most important roles in overall good health maintenance. And enough care has been given to teeth from the very beginning of the civilization’s development. And, there is no doubt that the most essential teeth care component is the toothbrush. During the thousands of years toothbrushes have been constantly changing in their size and shape, becoming more and more comfortable.
As for nowadays, there is a wide variety of toothbrushes available in the market. And practically every person can choose out of this proposed variety the very toothbrush, which would fit all his or her requirements. Generally, all toothbrushes can be divided into the following types:

Manual Toothbrush. It has been truly considered to be the oldest and the most “conservative” type of toothbrush. Manual toothbrush is the developed version of the tooth pigs, which had been used in the ancient history. Nowadays there are plenty of synthetic materials, of which the bristles of toothbrushes can be made. Therefore, the soft nylon is the most often used one. As for the head and the handle, it is designed from the plastic, which is rather hard.
It should also be noted, that manual toothbrush has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is quite cheap, usually comes with a handle, which is easy to grip, some of them even come with a special tongue scraper, and it is the best thing to travel with. Still, there is no built in timer, which can tell people when their two teeth cleaning minutes are up, and someone can found a manual toothbrush to be difficult to hold onto firmly. 
Anyway, nowadays there are different types of manual toothbrushes available in the market, and every single person can choose according to the suitability and requirements.

Electric Toothbrush. The manual toothbrush did not prove to be very effective in the plague and bacteria removing from the teeth, this has pushed the mankind to invent the electric type of toothbrushes. As for the first electric toothbrush, it has been produced in Switzerland, and this took place in 1939. All electric toothbrushes work on the rechargeable batteries, which provide them with the power, necessary for rotation.
Nowadays there exist a lot of powerful electric kinds of toothbrushes, which provide thousands of strokes per minute. As for the rotating techniques, used by these electric toothbrushes, they are the following:
Side – to – side rotation;
Circular rotation;
Rotation – oscillation;
Counter – oscillation, etc.
Just as anything in this world, electric toothbrushes also have their pros and cons. To advantages of an electric toothbrush may be referred the issues, that most of them come with a big ergonomic handles, which makes it very easy and comfortable to hold; there are built – in times in some of them, with the help of which anyone can know when two minutes are up. In addition, there are electric toothbrushes, which dispense toothpaste, and, finally, the feel and buzzing, produced by an electric toothbrush is what many people like in them. As for disadvantages of this kind of a modern product, electric toothbrushes are usually quite expensive, and most of them require constant charging or battery replacement.

Sonic Care Toothbrush. These are the toothbrushes, which are made on the concept of the saliva application, with the help of which proper cleaning of the teeth would be possible. The sonic care toothbrush works by using sonic waves to activate the saliva, which has the inbuilt quality of cleaning the teeth. Practically every sonic care toothbrush promises whiter teeth in 28 days period. In addition, they have built – in two minute timer. This kind of toothbrushes has proved to be the most effective, in comparison to the manual toothbrushes and electronic ones. Therefore, it should also be noted, that this toothbrush is much more expensive, in comparison to those ones, which are described above.

Chewable Toothbrush. This type of toothbrushes is considered to be the latest trend in the whole toothbrush industry. Therefore, the chewable toothbrushes are not marketed at the large scale yet. This kind of a toothbrush proved to be an extremely effective in the plague bacteria removing from the teeth, mostly because there are such components, as aqua, gelatin and xylitol contained. And xylitol is the element, which is used in chewing gums. Inclusion of xylitol makes the toothbrush easy to chew. The brushing process has become much simpler and easier with the invention of this kind of toothbrushes. It is so – to – say “all inclusive” technique, which does not require the use of either water or the toothpaste.
Still, there are several drawbacks of the chewable toothbrushes: there is gelatin, contained in it, which makes it impossible to be applied by vegetarians. Though, it is expected that there would appear new inventions, which will make the chewable toothbrush possible to use for people, who do not consume meat. 

There are many varieties available in different types of toothbrushes, therefore, the effectiveness of nearly every toothbrush mostly depends in the proper technique of it application. If the person maintains good oral hygiene and cleans the teeth properly, this will make them more healthy and the smile much more attractive.