Educate yourself with the problem of sensitive teeth. Clear up the causes of sensitive teeth. Find out how you can effectively deal with this problem.

Sensitive Teeth Care

Sensitive Teeth Care
Have you ever felt electric poignant sensation when you take a sip of iced drink or a slurp of your favorite hot soup? Have you ever felt how pain hits you after you took a bite of your favorite chocolate bar? Well, if your answers are positive, there is a great likelihood that you have sensitive teeth.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth
The problem of sensitive teeth may arise from a wide variety of reasons. They may range from the simple to the complicated ones. This dental problem can occur because of a mere “bruised” tooth caused by biting too hard on something or as a result of a routine dental procedure (like after having them cleaned or filled). Squeezing the jaws forcefully and regular tooth grinding may also lead to this condition. On the other hand, tooth or teeth sensitivity may be also triggered by a dead tooth pulp that requires a much more complicated dental procedure.

So as to solve this dental problem, it would be best to visit your dentist to conclude what faithfully is causing all the trouble. If a simple enamel abrasion or normal gum recession brings about your condition, rejoice. You can efficiently deal with the problem just by following offered simple recommendations:
  Remember, proper dental hygiene is the key. You must keep to good dental hygiene at all times. It would be sensible to brush your teeth at least two times per day with a soft toothbrush and the proper brushing techniques. It is also a very good idea to floss at least once every day. These practices will certainly hold dental plaque at bay and prevent it from causing even more trouble.
  Keep in mind that white gummy substance that forms on the surface of your teeth, can cause sensitive teeth to react more strongly to the usual stimulants whenever the affected tooth comes into contact with them. Therefore, waging a war against dental plaque can absolutely spare you from pain.
  Use desensitizing toothpaste. If you have dental sensitivity because of enamel abrasion or gum-line recession, dental fillings alone cannot successfully solve the problem. There is one good method to treat this problem - it is to start using desensitizing toothpastes. These products can assist diminish your problem by filling up the tubules in the dentin to reduce your tooth or teeth’s sensitivity.
  Swish on a fluoride rinse. You can successfully lessen your teeth’s sensitivity by using specially formulated fluoride rinses. You can get these products in your local pharmacy or at the dental section of any grocery store. To obtain the best results, use the product once a day.
  Create a stand – against snuff, that is. Lately people begin to think that chewing on a tobacco is much less harmful than smoking it, that’s why many teenagers have recently taking on this nasty habit. More popularly known as “dip” or “snuff”, tobacco chewing can bring on more harmful effects like mouth cancers, gum recession, tooth sensitivity and tooth decay.