Here you will find the information which will help you to determine whether you have pulp infection. The list of pulp infection symptoms is given.

Pulp Infection Symptoms

Pulp Infection Symptoms
In the beginning of the disease development individuals with an infection of the pulp may not feel any pain. But in case when it left untreated, the infection pulp_infection_signswill certainly cause pain and swelling. In addition, an abscess will develop. And in the end of all this story the tooth may need to be pulled out at all.

Certain signs may signify that you have a diseased tooth or infected nerve and thus may need a root canal. These signs include:
  A tooth that hurts considerably while biting
  Swelling around the affected tooth
  Sensitivity to heat
  Hurting while touching something cold
  A broken tooth
  A stained tooth, with or without pain

In order to determine whether your tooth needs root canal treatment, your dentist will place hot or cold substances against the tooth, touch nearby tissues and gently tap on the tooth. Besides, he or she will take X-rays.

Still if the condition of the pulp isn't obvious from these tests, your dentist may use an electric pulp tester. This is a hand-held device. It sends a small electric current through the tooth and helps your dentist evaluate whether the pulp is alive. This test doesn’t cause pain or a shock, but a tingling sensation that stops straight away when the tester is removed from the tooth.

Caution: An electric pulp tester should not be used if you have a cardiac pacemaker or any other electronic life-support device.