Most people are afraid even of hearing the words "root canal". Therefore, reading the truth about these 10 top root canal myths would help you get to know better what having a root canal can really mean.

Root Canal Myths

Root Canal Myths
 Root Canal Hurt
In accordance with the American Association of Endodontists, the root canal procedure was painful only at the very beginning of this branch of dentistry development. As for now, thanks to all the modern technology and better anesthetics, root canal treatment procedure is no more painful, than having a filling. In addition, being aware of what can be expected during the root canal will help to make a lot of anxiety eased.
 Root Canals Require a lot of Visits to the Dentist
Nowadays, using all modern cutting edge technology, it has become possible to perform the root canal within one or two office visits to the dentist.
 Crowns Cause Teeth to Need Root Canals
A lot of people wrongly consider that wearing a crown on a tooth will eventually lead to the root canal therapy. Therefore, it is necessary to mention, that crowns do not cause the root canal. And even in case if the tooth with the crown does ever require a root canal therapy, it usually because the tooth has abscessed or that decay has gotten somewhere underneath the crown and reach the pulp of the tooth.
 Root Canals Cause Illness
Up to now there is nothing, which proved that root canals can become the reason of illness. Therefore, there are a lot of facts, which prove that people, who have had root canals, do not risk to develop illness, unlike those, who have never had root canals. 
 Root Canals Involve Removing the Roots of the Tooth
The roots of the tooth are not removed during the root canal treatment procedure. The dentist or endodontist takes only the pulp from inside of the tooth away.
 Pregnant Women Can Not Have Root Canals
It is a complete nonsense, because there are absolutely no contraindications for pregnant women to have root canals, and in fact, they do them. And although there is a small x – ray required during the root canal treatment procedure, still, the radiation exposure is considered to be very minimal, in addition the x – ray is aimed only at the mouth, and not the area of the abdomen. It should also be noted, that if a woman is pregnant, and there is a necessity for the dentist to give her an x – ray, he applies a special lead apron, with the help of which the belly gets covered and thus protected. As for the anesthetics, which dentists usually use, they are also quite safe for women during their pregnancy term.

Therefore, it is extremely necessary to point out, that a woman is to make sure to let her dentist know about her pregnancy beforehand. 
 Even With a Root Canal, The Tooth Will Come Out Eventually
In case if the tooth is restored in a proper way, and if a person maintains good oral hygiene and visits his / her dentists in a regular manner, his / her natural tooth could last for the rest of his / her life.
 If the Tooth Does Not Hurt, There is no Need for a Root Canal
It is not unusual that a throbbing toothache will lead to the root canal treatment, though it is also quite possible that a tooth would require root canal treatment without any pain being present. And there are even cases when the root canal treatment necessity is discovered only during the regular dentist checkup. All qualified dentists and endodontists are able to test a tooth and see if the pulp has been damaged or infected. And if so, then a root canal treatment would be necessary to conduct in order to save the tooth.
 Pulling the Tooth is Better than Getting a Root Canal
Every person should try to keep his / her natural teeth as long as it is only possible, as it is extremely important for proper eating and chewing functions. And although there are lots of options, available to be applied in case if the teeth are missing, for example dental implants, dentures, fixed dental bridges, partial dentures; still, none of these abovementioned alternatives would provide all the natural teeth’ functioning. Moreover, saving your tooth with the help of a root canal treatment would be much less expensive.
 After Having a Root Canal, the Tooth Becomes Restored Completely
It is extremely important to make a follow – up appointment with the dentist after the root canal treatment, in order to have the tooth restored permanently. It should also be noted, that after the pulp of the tooth removal procedure, the tooth can get very dry and brittle. And it is only a permanent restoration, which is considered to help protect the person’s tooth from fracturing.