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Root Canal

root_canalRoot canal treatment, also called endodontics, is usually performed in order to save a tooth when the nerve and blood vessels in the center of the tooth, which builds the dental pulp, dies, in such a way causing the tooth becoming infected. As a rule, the infection is provoked when the tooth decays presents, either because of a break of the tooth or sepsis underneath the filling. In addition, a broken or loose filling may lead to the tooth pulp getting infected.

If left neglected, the infection can result in an abscess in the tooth, flowing into swelling, pain, and even the jawbone getting infected. Separately from root canal treatment, the only other option is to remove the affected tooth. Even though lots of people often prefer getting their infected tooth extracted, most dental experts advise to keep as many natural teeth as possible. Root canal treatment does just that, its goal being to stay away from removing teeth whenever possible. Previous to the procedure, as a rule antibiotics are prescribed to deal with any infection both inside the tooth, as well as the surrounding tissues, such as the bone.

When the tooth’s pulp is dead or is in the process of dying, and the chamber of the pulp gets infected, the natural defense of the body is unable to struggle with the infection since there is no circulation left in the tooth.

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