Learn about most popular diseases connected with your teeth that occures as a result of outer factors influence or unsuccessful treatment.



Black Hole Disease

This problem appears in your gum tissue as a black hole or as if a poppy seed is stuck between your teeth. The black room can become larger with time. Occasionally we distinguish this problem after orthodontic treatment. The teeth are aligned well but due to the anatomy of the teeth being triangular or rounded a space exists above where the teeth call leaving a black hole in place of healthy pink gums. Otherwise after orthodontics the teeth are aligned properly but the roots aren’t which helps produce a lower bone level and consequential black hole where the healthy pink gum tissue should be.

Affecting the position of the teeth with Invisalign and or reshaping the sides of the teeth can rapidly, comfortably and effectively treat this problem no sooner than 6 months.

One more cause of this problem is active gum disease or the results of treatment during gum therapy. At this time when you smile, there are spaces and air goes through them. On occasion this can influence speech. This can be quite unattractive if it has progressed faraway. With the right type of porcelain laminate preparation for this case, this condition can easily be corrected in two visits and the results are quite striking and confidence building.

Congenitally Missing Teeth

teeth_diseasesOne of the very frequent problems that can be observed is clients who never had their side teeth form. Namely the teeth right next to the two upper front teeth. What happens if the arch is bigger than the number of teeth occupying that space? The eye teeth, which are the sharp teeth at the corners of the mouth, begin to glide into the missing tooth space.

Occasionally braces are done for a client missing these teeth as for a child. They either had the space closed or almost closed to bring the eye teeth into the position of the side. Now you have sharp teeth in front of the smile rather than to the side and often spaces remain. Another way it is sometimes treated as a child is to maintain the space for a lateral and some type of restoration is placed there to keep the spacing. In most of the times there is a related “gummy look”. If the spaces are closed or almost closed the best way to correct this is with porcelain veneers. This involves very skillful knowledge of the problem and artistic capabilities to give the illusion that the smile never had any problems. In condition the space has been maintained with a removable tooth or with a bonded metal based fixed tooth (Maryland Bridge), there are different ways to esthetically place a non-removable tooth with no metal. These would contain a couple of types of all-porcelain bridges or implants.

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