Look through the list of dental problems of the teeth and jaw. Read their short description and treatment options.

Dental Conditions

Dental Conditions

You have to know that problems with teeth and gums should not be disregarded, as they may be symptoms of underlying disease.

Halitosis is bad breath, probably induced by tooth decay, inflamed gums (gingivitis), or digestive disorders.

Treatment Herbal Medicine
You can sweeten the breath and neutralize odors through chewing parsley and drinking peppermint tea.

There are a huge number of specific remedies to deal with bad breath, plus Nux vomica, when the breath smells sour, particularly after a stomach upset; Mercurius, when the breath and sweat are disagreeable, and the tongue is yellow and furry; Pulsatilla, after eating fatty food.

As a rule, a buildup of plaque cause a bacterial infection of the gums called gingivitis. Symptoms of gingivitis include sore, bleeding gums. Sometimes gingivitis is produced by vitamin deficiency, drugs, or blood disorders. You can avoid this condition by cleaning your teeth on a regular basis and using dental floss.

Homeopathy remedies include Mercurius, when the gums are spongy and the breath is bad; Kreosotum, when the gums are red, inflamed, and swollen, and are bleeding easily with the roots of the teeth exposed; and Natrum mur., when the gums are swollen, bleeding, and there are mouth ulcers and also a taste of pus in the mouth.

Oral Thrush
Oral thrush is small white patches inside the mouth, lips, tongue, and gums produced by a fungal infection, candida. This gum problem is most common in the young and elderly, and in the immunosuppressed. Such things as oral steroids, long illnesses and antibiotics may also encourage infestation.

Diet and Nutrition

In order to conquer this fungal infection you should temporarily exclude sugars and refined carbohydrates from the diet. Including garlic, olive oil, and live yogurt containing acidophilus to the diet will help kill the infection.

Herbal Medicine
For quick relief, use natural mouthwashes containing aloe vera, myrrh, or marigold.

Constitutional treatment is sensible but specific remedies may include Borax, to be used at the beginning of an attack; Capsicum, when the patches are hot and sore; Natrum mur., when there are cold sores on the lips; and Arsenicum alb., when there are mouth ulcers.

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