Clear up information that will help you to maintain teeth of your babies and young children in a good health as they grow older.

Babies and Young Children

Babies and Young Children
small_girlThe ultimate secret of having a perfect set of teeth is a plain good old dental hygiene! Maybe it will surprise you but the secret really lies in establishing a good dental routine at an early age (as soon as the first milk tooth appears).

A baby with good dental hygiene may be able to prevent different dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease and abscesses. Remember that these dental problems are not only painful – they may even need a treatment or two, which can be quite costly as well. Besides, good dental hygiene may have permanent effect on his or her facial appearance and speech development as well.

Actually baby’s teeth start to develop in the mother’s womb. When your baby is about 6 to 9 months old, the first tooth will naturally start to become visible.

You should take care of your baby’s milk teeth very much, because they are the foundation of how the mature teeth will finally form.

Tips How Can You Prevent Dental Problems in Babies
  Load up on calcium. Take care that your baby drinks enough milk and starts eating calcium-rich foods when he or she is old enough to do so. This will help guarantee right teeth development and may help keep up good dental health as well.
  Expel sugar from the nutrition. Stay away from sugar-rich foods and drinks. You may also want to try sugar-free medicines whenever possible.
  Minimize contact with sugar. Sugar is not good for your baby’s dental health. On the other hand, if it cannot be expelled, just feed your baby with sugary foods only during mealtimes. It will reduce the amount of time that the sweet foods spend in your child's mouth and may help diminish the risk of developing dental problems later on.
  Do not add sugar in a baby's bottle. Sugary drinks in baby’s bottle can play an important role in promoting dental decay. When feeding your baby with juice, firstly you should dilute it and have him or her take it from a cup.
  Choose for healthy alternatives. Offer your baby some cheese or fruits as snacks between meals. These contain necessary nutrients vital for good dental health.
  You should discourage your children from sucking their thumb or fingers from doing so. This is harmful dental habit that can affect the development of your baby’s teeth.
  Try to avoid using pacifiers. These can also influence your baby’s teeth. And please, if you are going to use them anyway, don’t dip them in honey or fruit juices!