Know more about dental crowns, cases which necessitate such filling, material used.

Dental Crown

dental_crown Dental crown is "cap" that repeats the position of your tooth, it is sited on a tooth and covers the spoiled or discolored tooth. It mission is to renovate shape, size, strength of the tooth or to improve its appearance.

The crowns are totally covering the whole visible section of a tooth that located at and above the gum line. As a rule they are made of gold or porcelain, or a mixture of both. Despite the fact that dental crowns are used to advance the appearance of a tooth, they are not cosmetic devices

Crown Materials Recommendations
Learn about dental crowns, possible cases recommended for applying them, common stages of performing the procedure.
Dental Crown Problems
Think over a list of usual problems connected with the using of dental crowns, measures taken to avoid this trouble.
Dental Crowns FAQ
Clear up questions concerning dental crowns as follows: types of techniques used, period of validity, safety measures taken with your temporary crown, average costs.
Porcelain Crowns for Front Teeth
Search for dental crown choices for front teeth, which include three basic categories, namely: bonded all porcelain, extra strength all porcelain and pocelain fused to metal.
Tooth Preparation for a Crown
Get info about examinating and preparing the tooth for a crown during the first visit to dentist and receiving the permanent crown throughout the second one.
Types of Crown Materials
Get to know about the situations when dental crowns are needed and types of crown materials which are available.