Increasing number of adult people consider wearing braces to help their teeth become straighter. Look through the list of the most widely available types of braces for adults.

Adult Braces Types

Adult Braces Types
adult_bracesMore and more adult people consider wearing braces to help their teeth become straighter. Braces were though of as a rite of passage for teenagers, though, thanks to the boom in cosmetic dentistry, people, who think themselves being too old for braces, should simply reconsider their points of view. There are even adult people, who come to get braces along with their children, and have them on at the same time their kids do.

Therefore, it should be noted, that braces for adults are somewhat more complicated and time – consuming things, in comparison with the ones, designed for teenagers, whose jaw bones are still growing and whose adult teeth have only recently emerged. There are even cases, though they occur extremely rarely, when an adult patient has to have jaw surgery conducted as part of the treatment. In addition, adult patients have a tendency to suffer form some other dental problems, such as gum disease, etc, which may require some treatment to be conducted before braces can be considered.

As for the types of braces, which are available for adults, fixed one should be used. Fixed braces is the traditional kind, which is attached to teeth. The overall procedure usually requires 9 to 30 months to work out, no matter how old is the patient.

Adults, just as well as young people have to wear a retainer, which is a special removable appliance that helps to keep teeth from getting shifted into their previous position after the braces are removed. The retainer is to be worn for about six months on a regular everyday basis, and then only at night for several more years. Therefore, in comparison with younger people, adults usually have to wear a retainer for somewhat longer periods of time.

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