Check out information about orthodontic treatment - a way of straightening crooked, crowded or uneven teeth, to improve their appearance and how they work.

Orthodontic Treatment

orthodontic_treatmentOrthodontics (or orthodontia) is a sphere of activity of dentistry that is related to the study and treatment of malocclusions - the result of tooth irregularity, disproportionate jaw relationships, or both.

Orthodontic treatment is focusing on:
a) dental displacement;
b) control and modification of facial growth  ("dentofacial orthopaedics").

This treatment can be used for only aesthetic reasons only to improve the common look of patients' teeth and face. But treatment is often prescribed for practical reasons, to provide the patient with a functionally improved bite

Dental Phobia
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Risk, Prices and Alternatives
Study info about orthodontic treatment, its risk for your teeth, possible alternatives and conventional prices.
Adult Braces Types
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Informed Consent in Orthodontics
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Invisible Braces
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Orthodontic Procedure
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Seeking Treatment
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Symptoms of Orthodontic Problems
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