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Dental Implants FAQ

Dental Implants FAQ

What is Involved With Dental Implants?

Placing the dental implants requires a small operation. This can be performed both under local anaesthetic with sedation and with a general anaesthetic. You will not feel any pain at the time, but you may feel some discomfort during the week afterwards. This is usually because of having stitches in place, and the normal consequences of healing process.

dental_implants_faqHow Long Does Treatment Take?

You will be able to get from your dentist provisional timetable before the beginning of the treatment. Usually the permanent teeth are fitted 6 – 9 months after the implants are put in.

How Soon Can I Have the New Teeth?

After they have been put in, implants need to integrate with the bone. As usual it takes at least 3 months in the lower jaw and 6 months in the upper jaw. At times implants may be steady enough especially when they are fitted for the false teeth so they can be attached much sooner than that.

If you are having one, two or three teeth replaced, you will have a short-term restoration in the meantime. In case you have complete dentures, these can be worn throughout the healing period on one occasion they have been modified after the surgery.

Can I Take the Teeth Out if They are Fixed to Implants?

Most artificial teeth attached to implants can only be placed and removed by the dentist. However, if you have complete dentures fixed to the implants by bars, then you’ll be able to take them out for cleaning.

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